A beautiful Bride deserves a beautiful cake!

 The act of serving the guests each a piece of the cake goes back to the belief that eating some of the cake would bring good luck.

Wedding Cakes

The Meaning of Traditional Wedding Cakes


The history of the wedding cake goes back to ancient Rome. During the time of this empire a loaf of specially made wedding bread was broken over the head of the bride during the ceremony. This breaking ceremony was replaced by a kissing ceremony in medieval England. During their ceremony, the guests would stack small cakes into a pile and the bride and groom would kiss each other over the pile. During the 17th century bride’s pie was served to guests. The modern wedding cake was introduced in the 19th century.


The significance of the wedding cake has always existed, even though its meaning has changed. In Rome, the broken cake represented the breaking of the bride’s virginity and the headship of her new husband. For those couples who successfully completed the kissing ceremony, it meant that they would have many children. The bride’s pie contained a glass ring. The person who found it was said to be the next who would be married.
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And the Groom...

And believe it or not, legend has it that single women are supposed to sleep with a slice of the Groom’s cake under their pillow the same night they receive it — and if they do, they’ll dream of their future husband. A current creative trend in groom’s cakes is to have the cake reflect the groom’s interests and hobbies. Whatever you decide, gifting your new husband with his own cake is something you should do because you want to — not because you feel obligated. Read more: What is a Groom’s Cake |

Groom's Cakes