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Planning your reception is often even more important than the ceremony…

The Reception is where a newly married couple presents themselves as ONE; think of the Reception as your first appearance as married persons!

True, at the end of most Wedding Ceremonies, the officiate presents the couple as ONE, but then you quickly make your exit so you may catch your breath, relax for a bit, then make your way to the party!

This is your FIRST party as a Married Couple. And it should SPARKLE! You are the CENTER OF ATTENTION!

Carriage Caterers pays special attention to the SPARKLE to make your Wedding Day your PERFECT DAY!!

Many Brides contact us asking for a price list and this is a reasonable request. However, Carriage Caterers provides a completely customized service – no cookie-cutter receptions here. As a result of talking with you about your needs and desires for your Perfect Day, we can assemble all the pieces to make it happen.

We at Carriage Caterers realize that most Brides have a budget and we will work with you to design your reception with that in mind.

We could offer a “package deal” at a set price, with a set menu but we choose not to do this; we want your SPECIAL DAY as memorable as your anniversary. We hear from Brides all the time, months after their Wedding, that guests still talk about how wonderful the Reception was: good food, wonderful cakes, beautiful flowers, and an atmosphere to make your Reception an event to be remembered.

The First Step

Give Carriage Caterers a call at 713.433.2842 and together we can discuss YOUR PERFECT DAY!

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