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Vivian said…
Bob with Carriage Caterers is my life saver!! As you can see from all the previous reviews here he is a God Send. I am a very nervous and very anxious person by nature I had to plan my wedding from a far and he was a one stop shop for my entire wedding and rehearsal. I gave him a general idea of what I wanted with brief descriptions and let him know I trusted him with it all! Boy oh boy did he surpass my expectations in every single way! When I saw the finished product of all the hard work of him and his team this past weekend I felt like I was in a dream. I couldn’t have even dreamt of anything better if I wanted to. The fact that I didn’t have to stress at all about the design, the cake, the food, the linens or going through any other vendors or contacts and just put all my trust in him made the whole process so enjoyable. There was a Moment that was really stressful for me to where I had lost my dress and I was freaking out. When I called Bob he stopped everything and within a matter of minutes he hooked me up with a Bridal shop where I found an even better dress than I had before. Even when I had anxious moments or moments of doubt in which every bride has, he was there to help me feel secure with the whole process. Very professional and extremely talented. He got me together with an Amazing and highly organized wedding coordinator named Erika Leppo. Which turns out because my wedding party was so huge I actually really really needed! She was fantastic. Weddings themselves are stressful enough… I strongly urge everyone to stop shopping around for caterers and vendors now and just call Bob at Carriage Caterers. You won’t regret it at all and once you hand it over to him just relax because trust me he’s got it all under control. Can you imagine having your dream wedding going off without any major problems and being drop dead gorgeous and stress free? Yah Carriage Caterers is the only way!!

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